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Posted: July 2, 2012 in Assignments

“Queen Of Death”


1. Identity Of Book

    a) Title                                 : Queen Of Death

    b) Writer                                       : John Milne

    c) Editor 

          – Ilustrator Cover           : Gerdy W. K

          – Lay Out                         : Lalan Kelana

    d) Publisher                           : Dian Rakyat(Original Published by McMilan

            Publishers ofHoundmiils,United Kingdom)

    e) Year Of Published             : 2003

    f) Thick Of Book                   : 66 Pages

    g) Part Of Book

          – Aim                              : Don’t be greedy

          – Surplus                         : This story completed by pictures, point of

                                                   understanding, and epilogue

    h) Language

          – Structure Control         : Most of structures used in the readers will

                                                  be familiar to students who have completed

                                                  on intermediate course of English

          – Vocabulary Control        : There is a basic vocabulary


2. Theme                                  :

          The Smugglers to hunt the tomb of The Queen Axtarte


3. Plot Of Story                        :

          The plot of this story is forward because it tells from first to last


4. Characteristic

          – Salahadin El Nur           : Good detective, clever

          – Leila Osman                  : Good police, clever

          – Dr John Farrow            : Brilliant author, smart

          – Christine Farrow          : Beautiful

          – Keesing                        : Wicked, cruel, greedy

          – De Fries                       : Wicked

          – Greer                           : Wicked, cruel, heartless man

          – Dr Peter Earl                : Good Friend

          – Professor Gomouchian   : Good old man, clever

          – Ahmed Abbas               : Good Police

          – Dr Jusef Strengel        : Greedy, wicked, cruel


5. Point Of View                        :

          The author as the third person, because the author isn’t involved in

    this story only the observer


6. Setting Of The Story           :

          – Piccadilly inLondon

          – Hotel Mirabel inCairo

          – Valley in the desert

          – House inHeliopolis


7. The Message Of Moral                   :

          Don’t be greedy, and keep the culture


8. Synopsis                               :



Queen Of Death



          Salahadin El Nur is an Inspector in the Egyptian Police, His job is to protect Egyptian Antiquities. He was a detective. His assistant Leila Osman. Leila, like Salahadin was a graduate ofCairoUniversity. Leila was twenty seven, six younger than Salahadin.


          One day, Salahadin have a holiday toLondon. On Saturday evening, when he was  in Piccadilly to buy postcard for Leila, he noticed a book interested him. The title of the book was “The Mystery Of Queen Axtarte” and the name of the author was Dr John Farrow. Next, Salahadin ask about Farrow to his friend named Dr Peter Earl. Dr Earl tell to Salahadin that now Farrow inCairoand article which in The Sunday Times which have a title “The Tomb Of The Queen Of Death”. Salahadin is suspicious. He soon to be inCairotoo. But before toCairo, he had sent off a telex about Farrow to Chief Inspector Ahmed Abbas and another telex to Leila from Egyptian Embassy inLondon.


          Next morning inCairo, Salahadin to see Professor Gomouchian. They talking about Queen Axtarte. Then Gomouchian tell about Curse Of Queen Axtarte. While Salahadin was talking to Gomouchian, Leila and Ahmed were at the Hotel Mirabel to speak the Manager who was not pleased to see Mr. Farrow .But they found nothing, just found The Mystery Of Queen Axtarte book. Forty minutes later, Salahadin opened the book. He found of piece of letter. It is message from Mr. Farrow, he want everybody who read this message can help him to solve the problem. And Salahadin is the chosen.



          In the desert, Farrow, Keesing, and de Fries seek The Tomb Of The Queen. Keesing and de Fries threaten that Greer will kill Farrow’s wife if Farrow not notice where the tomb. Then Farrow notice where the tomb but he don’t want to be near that tomb when it’s opened. And, who open the tomb is de Fries. Then de Fries died because infected by the germs of a terrible disease  in the tomb.


          Back inCairo, Leila and Ahmed were searching for Farrow’s wife or Christine Farrow in a European part ofCairo, who calledHeliopolis.


          After Keesing found the tomb, there’s Dr Jusef Strengel follow the. Strengel has one of the largest private collections of Egyptian Antiquities in the world. Strengel also want that tomb. Then Strengel take the tomb and kill Keesing, but Salahadin come with other police to save Farrow and keep that tomb in the right palace. Strengel too died because infected by the germs of a terrible disease in the tomb. And Farrow’s wife can be saved and Greer caughted.


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