Posted: December 12, 2010 in The Diarys

The attitude of your own who’ve changed my mind about you.
Good job guys!
I think you are old enough to cope with problems and people’s opinions.
In the fact you are loser!
You lose to them!
If you feel right, show if it’s true.
Don’t make people more negative opinion!
There was smoke because there is fire.
You have to think why they could think like that!
They like that too for a reason, not just ‘KEPO’!
Have their own point of view is good.
But better if now and again to try to look at from the point of someone else!
You say don’t care what people say.
You behave like that just shows that you care about their opinion!
Thank you because you already consider me as much as you accused as the people KEPO.
I am quite disappointed with the attitude and opinions you guys.
During this time I kept quiet because I was trying to understand your position.
But you do not try to understand my position.
You guys are too busy with people’s opinions and thoughts of your own!
Indeed I don’t favor you.
But I also don’t take their side.
Because I also don’t want to blame you or them.
I was shocked and sediha when you leave without saying anything..
But now it looks like I’ll regret if you don’t get out of here.
Hopefully ‘decisions and attitudes’ that you take now is correct and best for you.
Good-bye … (emmm…who are you??)
Oops … I already didn’t know you are my friend or not?

I was very disappointed with you guys!


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