‘Alarm ON’ that I have :’)

Posted: November 22, 2010 in The Diarys
Good morning world:) 

Migrant last night made me sleep faster. And makes me get up faster this morning. It turned out to bed early and wake up that morning refreshing and healthful.

Exactly a year ago every morning there’s always disturbing my sleep. Beginning I felt very disturbed. But over time have become accustomed. He is the ‘Alarm On’ that I have, he is O. At that time, although he was far away every morning is always yelling “Morning gendut. Wake up … wake up later if not taken sustenance you chicken you know. Come on …. wake up. Later if you have a new bath and breakfast could sleep again!”. Every morning he always say “Morning gendut … have a nice day.” The words were quite powerful in adding to my spirit every day. He is very familiar with my habit of always sleeping in the morning and always late. Although he’s only doing that maybe other people think it is normal, but for me it’s incredible. Because I liked the little things that do not ever think about people.

Almost a year he left, but deep inside, where he is still there with the “gendut morning … have a nice day” even though some with whom. When considering him, he could only say “Sorry yah …”. Nothing is wrong and nothing needs to be forgiven. All of it run properly.

And each morning I will always remember him with “Morning gendut … have a nice day” is just for me.

Good morning O. ..



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